Monday, March 5, 2018

Katmandu Ramen

Today's shop is a bit different from the normal shops I go to. It was created by a guy who originally created a curry shop, so Katmandu is almost more of a curry shop than a ramen shop. Since I love curry, I was pretty excited and ordered the special curry ramen.


The Bowl
Sure enough, this was pretty much a bowl of straight-up Indian curry. It was thick, but not too spicy. Most curry ramen shops I've been to tend to thin out or sweeten their curry, so I was happy to see a place present a nice and rich curry. The noodles were medium and curly, a nice alternative to rice or naan. I really loved the dry piece of spiced tikka on the side; I would have taken plenty more of that if I could have.


Would I Go Again?
Maybe, I'm curious about some of their other dishes.


Should You Go?
I recommend this place for curry fans.



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