Sunday, February 18, 2018

Chuka Soba Takayasu

Continuing on my first trip to Ichijoji, I finished my hike and was ready for dinner, i.e. round two. My second shop was Ichijoji staple Takayasu. Takayasu is known for their tonkotsu ramen but perhaps even more than that for their gigantic pieces of karaage. Even though I wasn't that hungry, I found myself ordering a set that came with both.


The Bowl
The broth was a greasy, stinky tonktosu. It was messy and salty, and pretty delicious if a bit generic. Eating the thin noodles without sipping too much of the soup cut out enough of the salt to make it more palatable.

The karaage were big, hulking chunks of chicken with fresh, crispy skin. The pieces were coated in curry powder, and though the inside was a bit dry, overall they were quite good.



Would I Go Again?
Yeah, especially when if I'm very hungry.


Should You Go?
I recommend it for those who are hungry; I hear students enjoy this place because of how cheap it is to stay full for days.


中華そば 高安

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