Saturday, February 10, 2018


One area I had been meaning to go for ramen since I first moved to Osaka was Ichijoji. Ichijoji is a small area in northern Kyoto city that is famous for not much outside of ramen. My plan was to visit one shop, go for a hike, and then make another stop at another shop. With that in mind, I picked somewhere pretty digestible at first: chuka soba shop Chinyu.


The Bowl
This was kind of similar to another Kyoto bowl I had recently, Shinpuku Saikan. It was a classic chuka soba, but where Shinpuku Saikan had a dark broth, Chinyu's was a cloudier chicken broth, with the same amount of pork back fat floating in it. It was simple, with standard chashu and firm noodles: a nice foundation on which to go hiking.


Would I Go Again?
I wouldn't trek all the way out to Ichijoji for it, but I think they have other shops I would consider stopping in.


Should You Go?
If you're looking for a sessionable bowl in Ichijoji, this place might be for you.



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