Saturday, October 14, 2017

Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle - Day 3

Day 3 of the Tenkatoitusu Ramen Battle! First up was Onomichi ramen Koh.


The Bowl
It turns out that thin, hoison sauce-tasting shoyu broth warms you quite up on a cold day. There was just a bit of pork back fat, much less than the bowls I had in Onomichi. This worked out though, as it left me satisfied and hungry for another bowl.


My next bowl was at Gachinko Ramen Michi Hiiragi.

次にがちんこらーめん道 柊に行きました。

The Bowl
A meat-laden shish kebab? Now that's what I call ramen. The soup here was like liquid fat with a dose of garlic. I don't know if it was made to be drank, but it worked well as a dipping oil for the various meats and veggies that came with the dish. Not too surprising, the crispy skinned karaage and fatty square of bacon were the highlights.



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