Friday, June 2, 2017

Rokkun Billy S1

When I was in Tokyo I was recommended to go to Rokkun Billy S1, the new shop formed by Junichi Shimazaki, ramen legend and former manager of 69'N'ROLL ONE. I'm embarrassed I wasn't even aware of it, but at least it was in Hyogo, where I rarely venture. At any rate, I no longer had any excuse to have not visited, so I took the train to the suburbs of Amagasaki. I went with the standard shoyu: the Ama Rock.


The Bowl
After eating wild and weird bowls it's easy to forget how good straight shoyu can be. Rokkun Billy made me remember. The Ama Rock had soup that seemed equal parts oil and soy sauce; the texture was light and grainy, with a bit of green and red onions mixed in a strong aftertaste. The noodles came in thin bunches than slurped almost too easily. The meat was superb too, peppery, thin slices that matched the understated complexity of the bowl.


Would I Go Again?
Yes, if I can make it out that far.


Should You Go?


I hope I can see this face again

らぁめん矢 ロックンビリースーパーワン

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