Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ivan Ramen

At the end of 2015, the original Ivan Ramen shop, located in Tokyo, came to a close. Ivan Orkin left to go back to New York for good, and so the shop ended its stay, to be renamed and taken over by an apprentice. I had visited there once before while I lived in Tokyo, and I needed to make one last trip while it was still around. I went for the standard shoyu, with all the toppings.

2015年末にアイバンラーメンの本店が閉店することになりました。Ivan Orkinという社長がニューヨークに帰るため、店がなくなって、その代わりに店長が違う名前でやっているらしいです。東京に住んでいた時に一回行きましたけど、亡くなる前にもう一回行きました。醤油全部のせにしました。
The Bowl
The original Ivan Ramen bowl is a very solidly constructed bowl of shoyu ramen. The soup was light and mellow, with just a tinge of fish. The noodles cling together in a way that is easy to slurp, but retain their firmness. The toppings, too, are well done without being too loud. The egg was delectably creamy, the chashu was light if a bit tough, and the knotted menma were flavorful.


Would I Go Again?
I will visit the New York shop.


Should You Go?
You also should visit the New York shop.


Goodbye Ivan Ramen, see you in New York



  1. There's actually two ramen shops run by Ivan Orkin in NYC.