Sunday, June 18, 2017


Fukushima is a place I try to frequent, but there still somehow are a handful of shops that have managed to elude me. Tonight I made an attempt to go to Kineko.


Time for Plan B. Another shop on my list was Mutahiro, a sardine ramen shop from Tokyo. I had enjoyed the bowl I had at the Ramen Sengoku, and was curious to try their specialty, the Wahaha Niboshi Tokusei Soba.


A nice side dish of meat, eggs, bamboo shoots, and seaweed

The Bowl
In my imagination ramen like this is what they used for mirrors back in the olden days. The soup was brimming with oil and fat, making the greasy sardine broth scaldingly hot, salty, and delicious. The noodles were fat and curly, like in some of my other favorite sardine bowls.

Ordering the special "tokusei" meant I had no shortage of toppings. There were slick and chewy wonton skins, kind of an alternate to the noodles. Pork and chicken chashu provided different textures for the piles of fat that would come with them when being pulled from the dish, but the creamy egg with its partially protective white proved to be the best vessel for the salt and fat.



Would I Go Again?
I might, but given how much fat I ate directly, I can only go sparingly.


Should You Go?
This is a bowl for sardine fans who can stand a little grease.


中華そば ムタヒロ

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