Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ramen Sengoku Day 2

I wasn't initially planning on going to Ramen Sengoku twice, but when there are ten shops showing off their specialties, who am I to say no? The day previous I went by myself, but today I took a stop by with Philoramen.


First up today was Zundoya. I've always been a fan of Zundoya's dedication to Hakata-style tonkotsu, but I'm happy to see they tried something different for this event. They presented the soy milk tantanmen RED.


The Bowl
This was a bowl full of bright red, sesame-doused, oily soup. It was spicy with a nice covering of spring onions, and every bite of curly noodles came with a bagel's worth of sesame seeds. It was good on a cold day, and I would order it if they had it at their main shop.


Next on the docket was Mutahiro, a Tokyo ramen shop that just made its debut in Fukushima in Osaka. At time of writing I have only just barely visited the Osaka branch. At Ramen Sengoku their specialty was Tanmen, a vegetable-laden shio style.


The Bowl
After the heavy tantanmen, it was nice to have a simple bowl. It was a light shio, with a pound of vegetables in it. It was like eating a peppery vegetable stir fry cooked in a light broth. Add to that thick curly noodles from Tokyo star Nagi, and a piece of roasted chicken and you have the right way to cap off a ramen event.



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