Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ganso Aka Noren Secchan

I came to Kyushu for the Saga international hot air balloon festival, but I stayed in Fukuoka. And I wasn't leaving Fukuoka without some good ramen. I did some research on the best shop in Tenjin I could find, and the first that came up with famous Ganso Aka Noren Secchan Ramen. I'm not sure why I hadn't been here before, but after a long trip through Saga I was ready for a full set, complete with fried rice and gyoza.


The Bowl
There's something different about the tonkotsu in Fukuoka from the ones I've had in Osaka and Tokyo. Oh, there are some good ones on Honshu, but they seem to know just how to balance the ingredients in Hakata. The soup with thin, but flavorful; there was a bit of oil, but it wasn't drenched in it. It was light, begging me to keep eating without ever getting full. With a soup as fresh and drinkable as this, it's no surprise that Hakata ramen always have bunches of thin noodles. The chashu was nothing special, but that's not the main attraction here. The gyoza and fried rice too were solid if par for the course; a bit garlickly and cinnamony, respectively.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?


That bowl left me so refreshed that I was happy to eat a cup of gelato at Samurai Gelato afterwards.


元祖赤のれん 節ちゃんラーメン

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