Monday, April 24, 2017

Chuka Soba Niboshiya

A while back I had a friend living out in Minami Tatsumi, a place only known for being one end of the Sennichimae subway line. I have no other reason and therefore chance to go there, so on a visit to my friend, we swung by a shop featured in Ramen Walker: Chuka Soba Niboshiya. Despite being called "niboshiya", meaning "sardine shop", Ramen Walker recommended the spicy curry soba.

この前、南巽に友達が住んでいました。南巽は千日前線の終点じゃなければ、誰も聞いたことがないので、行く機会が全くありません。友達に遊びに行くがてらラーメンウォーカーに乗っていた「中華そば 煮干しや」に行ってみました。煮干しが店名に入っていますけど、ラーメンウォーカーに載っていたのがスパイしカレーそばでしたからそれにしました。

The Bowl
This was a wonderful smorgasbord of vegetables in a robust curry soup. There was just a bit of spice in the broth that was delicately balanced to be thick but drinkable. The medium noodles were good but let slightly too much of the soup roll off. The toppings added texture to the bowl. Baby corn and peppers had a delightful crunch, and the juicy squares of stewed pork had a nice bit of chew.


Would I Go Again?
If I'm ever on that end of the Sennichimae line, I'll stop by again.


Should You Go?
If you're living close by, it's definitely worth a stop.


中華そば 煮干しや

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