Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ramen Hayato

Hayato is a recent shop that starting getting buzz immediately. Located on the south end of Tenma by Minamimorimachi Station, Hayato is run by a former chef at annually ranked Kadoya Shokudo.


The front of the menu offers just two kinds of ramen: shoyu and miso. Of course I got the miso.


Oh yeah, there's also another secret shoyu on the back.


The Bowl
The fumes alone of this bowl were of a rough miso, and as soon as I tasted a bit of the broth, my mouth was filled with the strong flavors. It was oily and grainy, a not-so-smooth mixture that coated itself around the ginger-laden flat noodles. The ginger that laid beneath the surface of the soup soaked into the chashu too, and was only one of the hidden bonuses, including pieces of yuzu, bean sprouts, and crunchy chunks of menma.


Would I Go Again?
If I'm in the area, I'd stop in again for sure.


Should You Go?
Miso fans should check it out.



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