Monday, April 18, 2016


We're down to the wire, but I'm almost there. I'm talking about the Ra-sai Stamp Rally, that is. Just a couple more stamps to go, including the hardest one to get to, Berashio. Berashio only offers stamps at their Sumiyoshi shop, which is only open on weekdays for lunch. I sacrificed a highly treasured bit of PTO to make the trek.


Who is that by the entrance? I happened to go on the same day as Philoramen! We chatted for a bit and waited patiently for the shop to open.


Despite the lack of line, I was given a ticket to order my ramen. They had a large menu of different kinds of shio. I went with the yuzu shio ramen, which came with kaemeshi, a small portion of rice with kimchi and spring onions.


The Bowl
The bowl was a clear lake of shio ramen, with islands of chashu and egg, along with large helping of seaweed and onions. The broth was light and a bit pickley, spiced with scattered bits of yuzu. The noodles were thin and almost clear; easy to slurp but with the faintest amount of bounce. The chashu was a bit stronger but was good none-the-less; it tasted like a flank of pork chop. The egg was simple, but its melted as I slipped it in between my chopsticks. The only thing slightly off was the kaemeshi, whose kimchi overpowered everything around it.


Would I Go Again?
I would like to, but I doubt I'll be able to make it down there again.


Should You Go?
Anyone with access should check it out.


Just one to go!



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