Thursday, March 24, 2016

Menya Jikon

When I first started this blog, I took a look at the rankings on various sites of the best shops in the prefecture. High on every list was Menya Jikon, a shoyu and shio shop out in the boonies in Daito city. I naturally find myself eating and shops within walking distance, so I had no reason to make it all the way to Jikon.

Until the stamp rally. I was happy to have a reason to trek out there, even if it was pretty far from the closest station. Split between the shoyu and shio, I closed my eyes and randomly chose the aromatic shoyu chicken ramen.



The Bowl
The broth was a translucent tan; assari, but on the heartier side. It was mixed with a black garlic oil, and filled with straight noodles that were firm and cut cleanly with every bite. There was quite a bit of meat, too. The chashu was a pretty solid slice, seasoned with yuzu pepper. There was a nice, thick slice of duck, which is welcome as part of any meal for me. Lastly, there was a meatball that tasted gingery and was filled with crunchy collagen, not unlike a soup dumpling. Not unlike another good bowl I had at Menya Hoi.


Would I Go Again?
Since visiting, I have visited their new Osaka branch, so yes.


Should You Go?
If you can make it out there.


That sheet is starting to look good.


麺や 而今

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