Sunday, March 20, 2016


I got back from Hiroshima and I was ready to hit the Osaka Ra-sai Stamp Rally again. After a Tigers game I was on my way back from Hyogo so I decided to stop in a shop in the Hyogo stamp rally. Located at random station Amagasaki Center Pool Mae, Amaryu was a small shoyu ramen shop. I had just picked the closest shop on the stamp rally, so without knowing what to expect I went in and ordered the Amaryu Ramen.


The Bowl
It was a shoyu bowl, and the surprise was that it was filled with seafood. The broth was clear with a fishy taste, probably because the entire soup was covered in a screen of fish powder. The noodles were light, rectangular, yellow bunches that went down easy. The chashu were a series of thin slices that barely held together, but they were strong with the shoyu flavor. This gave me memories of an even fishier version of one of my old Osaka favorites Rakunijin.


Would I Go Again?
I'd consider it if I was in the area.


Should You Go?
If you live in Amagasaki you should check it out.



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