Tuesday, February 23, 2016


It was a rainy day in Kansai when I had my brother and a friend in town. Most of the interesting things in Kansai are better when outside, so the rain dampened our plans. But one sight that holds up pretty well in the rain is the recently reopened Himeji Castle.


I don't make trips this deep into Himeji this often, so we decided to get ramen. What better place than the flagship store of beloved tonkotsu shop Zundoya?


The Bowl
Some flagship shops are radically different from their branch shops, producing different or even better bowls than their franchises. Not Zundoya, but that's not a bad thing. Rich porky tonkotsu with thin, hard noodles that clump together. The pork broth I'm used to in its birthplace.


Would I Go Again?
I won't trek out to Himeji, but I'll go to their shops in Osaka.


Should You Go?
You should go to a shop, it doesn't need to be the Himeji one.


At time of writing, Zundoya has just made it to New York! Check it out!


ラー麺 ずんどう屋

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