Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ramen Sengoku Day 1

Another ramen festival! These are getting more frequent in Kansai, and as long as they keep having them, I'll keep going. This time is the Ramen Sengoku in Nishi-Umeda, manned by a variety of Kansai ramen shops, and a couple out-of-towners. I didn't expect I could hit this event more than the Dotonbori Ramen Festa, but once was not quite enough.

For my first stop, as tends to be the case at these things, I had an miso from Osaka shop Gachinko Ramen Do Hiragi.


最初やっぱり味噌にしました。大阪の「がちんこらーめん道 柊」の濃厚大阪味噌らーめんを頼みました。

The Bowl
This was a sweet and milky, smooth miso. There was a healthy dose of pepper and cooked onions on top of the flanks of menma and cabbage. The noodles were miso-style yellow and curly, and a great mass of fatty bacon-style chashu was shipwrecked on one side of the bowl. A solid hearty bowl to make sure I'll be hurting after my second.


Bowl number two was to be found at chain shop Norio. I've had their chicken ramen once upon a time, but I was much more intrigued at their curry ramen made with Awaji Island onions.


The Bowl
This was an oily curry, with a bit of spice to it. There was an egg placed right on top, which helped the noodles meld together and drag the curry with it. The chashu was a bit dry, but the fried potato bits on the side became a nice mixer and helped the bowl stand out.



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