Thursday, January 28, 2016


Osaka truly is the land of late night ramen shops. All across Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori are a plethora of shops that open no earlier than 7PM, and stay open at least as long as the Dotonbori Starbcuks. One drunken night I happened to stumble across a new one: Hamaguri Ramen Kaizoku. Kaizoku is a seafood restaurant in Namba that decided to open a ramen shop with a single menu: clam ramen. I stumbled in, ordered it, and was given a bonus side of shellfish rice.


The Bowl
Kaizoku offered a light and salty broth, with a hearty dose of clam. This is one of the fishiest bowls I've had, and it didn't go great with the amount I had to drink. A squeeze of lemon made it a bit more bearable at that point in the night. The noodles were thin and light, and pretty easy to down. The ramen had a few clams in it as well, though I felt the rice bowl matched its toppings better. The whole thing wasn't bad per se, I just can't handle that much seafood after drinking.


Would I Go Again?
Nah; I stick to something lighter when it's almost morning.


Should You Go?
If you've got the drunken munchies and love seafood this is your place.



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