Sunday, January 17, 2016

Menya Hoi

I just got back from my trip abroad, and unusual to most trips, I landed at Itami Airport. This normally doesn't change much; it's about the same amount of time for me to get home as it would be from Kansai Airport. But Itami happens to be near Hotarugaike Station, home of several good ramen shops, including Kansai miso king Mitsukabozu. I walked with my luggage and when I arrived at the door this is what I saw:


There was a fire! They're closed for a while, and at time of writing they are still closed. Dejected and disappointed, I wasn't going home with an empty stomach. I headed to nearby also-great Menya Hoi, where I had been just a couple weeks before. Earlier I ordered the tori paitan, so this time I decided to go with the clear fish tori seitan.


The Bowl
This was a different beast from what I ordered last time. The broth was a simple oily soup, with simple fish flavors, and chock full of globs of fish oil. The noodles were thin and slippery, similar to the kind I would normally see in a shio bowl. The toppings were the same all-star lineup that were offered last time: seasoned duck, and a ginger-laden pork meatball.


Would I Go Again?
Yes, but I would go for the paitan again next time.


Should You Go?


麺屋 ほぃ

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