Monday, July 6, 2015


A few months ago I visited a shop in Higashi Umeda called Chiran. They offered a solid shrimp paitan; it even made me consider visiting again. Instead, I had an errand in Kyobashi, and wouldn't you know that one of the old famous shops was replaced by a Chiran. I had to try something different of course, so this time I ordered the shio ramen.


The Bowl
The golden yellow soup was one of the easier to drink, even among shio ramen in Osaka. You could taste the light chicken too - maybe this isn't a bad place to stop by when you have a cold. The noodles too matched both the light flavors and golden sunset color of the soup. A light and delicious bowl that leaves you without a food coma.


Would I Go Again?
I might, especially if there's another location.


Should You Go?
It's a solid bet in Kyobashi.


濃極 鹿児島地鶏ラーメン ちらん - CHIRAN

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