Monday, April 27, 2015


Right by work, beloved shrimpy Typhoon Gang saw its last day and closed down. In its place was born Ginjiro, new Jiro-style ramen shop. Because of how full Jiro-style shops make me, I was intimidated by Ginjiro, especially since I'd go there for lunch and still be expected to do work after. But one day I knew it had to be done. I worked myself up, skipped breakfast, and headed to Ginjiro for lunch.


The Bowl
Jiro-kei ramen tends to be quantity over quality, providing a mediocre, fatty soup, but limitless amounts of it. Ginjiro's soup was definitely garlicky and fatty, but a bit more attention had clearly been paid to its creation because it was flavorful and fairly drinkable. The noodles, too - thick and firm without being too much for the thin broth - were a quality grade above what I was expecting. And that leaves the best for last. The two pieces of chashu were so thick it would be unreasonable to call them "slices". Each bite let out succulent juice, which although it would kill me in the afternoon, was good in the moment.


Would I Go Again?
It was pretty solid but it was still Jiro-kei; I might come back.


Should You Go?
If you want good Jiro-kei, it's either here or Maccho.



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