Saturday, January 17, 2015


Taiwan ramen is mostly a Nagoya thing, most famously known in beloved Misen. However, there is one shop in Osaka that advertises Taiwan ramen, sneakily similarly named Ajisen (the name is the same when written in Japanese). I was in the mood for something spicy on the way home from work one day, so I stopped in the centrally located Shinsaibashi shop. They offered four different spice levels, and I went with the second spiciest.


The Bowl
The style of the broth matched the standard Misen: thin and clear, but oily and not lacking in spice. There were bits of celery sprinkled on the surface, leading to a pickly current running through the soup. There was something missing though; the flavors didn't stand out the way they did in Misen, and it wasn't helped by the thin, bland noodles. Bobbing in and out of the broth was an onsen egg, hard-boiled strangely like you see in Taiwan.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?
You can skip this one.



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