Monday, September 8, 2014

Shinmachi Ramen

My trip to Nagasaki had sadly come to an end, so it was back to trying local ramen joints in Osaka. One small place not too far from where I live is Shinmachi Ramen, named after its quiet neighborhood, Shinmachi. They had a variety of ramen, without one particular specialty, but they advised me as someone who likes spice to go for the spicy miso Heisei Ramen.


The Bowl
Shinmachi Ramen presented a thin, light, brown miso. It wasn't full of the deeper flavors you'd get in a thicker broth, but there was a subtle taste to it, and a fair bit of spice. The thin noodles matched the broth; any thicker and they would have had trouble taking it all in. The chashu and other toppings were decent but did not stand out against the spicy miso.


Would I Go Again?
It was alright, but I have new places to try.


Should You Go?
Maybe if you live nearby, otherwise nah.



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