Monday, March 3, 2014


In one of my favorite areas of Osaka, Fukushima, I saw a new shop was opening up. I've been to a number of shops shortly after they've opened, but only rarely have I had the chance to go to a shop on opening day. I headed over after work and waited on line with the rest of the crowd. Mankai offered three kinds of tonkotsu ramen: Jun Ramen, a classic tonkotsu, Shio Ramen, gyokai tonkotsu, and Tomato Ramen, which was a tomato tonkotsu bowl. As badly as I wanted to try all of them, I forced myself to go with the popular classic Jun Ramen.


The Bowl
This was a standard Hakata style tonkotsu through and through. An oily but tasty pork bone broth. Very thin noodles that were al dente, but not quite to the firmness you can get in Fukuoka. Decent chashu, mushrooms, onions, and bean sprouts. Nothing unique, but well executed.


Would I Go Again?
A solid tonkotsu in Fukushima with a couple more interesting blends; I'll be back.


Should You Go?
If you're in Fukushima, this is the tonkotsu place to go.



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