Sunday, June 1, 2014


A lazy Sunday in early February I decided to go on a long walk to Kyobashi. There was a ramen shop there that piqued my interest, and thankfully they were open on Sundays. Hosomichi is a small shop in the main shopping arcade that offers a unique item: Motsu, or offal, tsukemen. Some people hate the taste or texture of offal, but I love its chewy juiciness, so I stepped inside the shop to have a taste.


A variety spices for the meal
The Bowl
Served in a metal bowl to keep the soup hot, this tsukemen really was distinct. The broth was a hot and salty gyokai torigara soup, and the noodles were even more different from standard bowls. Most ramen noodles are made with lye, an alkaline chemical compound that makes them stretchier. Hosomichi, however, insists on only using water, flour, and salt, in their noodles, making them light and clear, but as elastic as good udon. Combine that with the house hachimi they provided, and they tasted delicious too. Of course there was also the namesake motsu in the soup, which while very chewy, was extra juicy as I hoped due to the combination of the offal's natural flavors mixed with the soup.


Would I Go Again?
I'd like to.


Should You Go?


鷄魚介 ほそ道

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