Thursday, July 4, 2013


A few months earlier, I spotted a newcomer to the Amemura ramen scene. Known as more of a drinking area than a ramen area, the ramen shops that crop up in Amemura tend to be ones that are filling, and open late. Japanese people love to have a big meal to finish the night after drinking, but for me, I prefer the opposite. Gaten's main dish is their garlicky maze soba, so I swung in to give it a try before a night out.


The Bowl
Knowing I was on my way to somewhere with other human beings, I decided to go low on the garlic. Even so, there was more than a fair serving of it. The thick and chewy noodles took in the flavor, and mixed with an oily and peppery shoyu sauce. The taste was light, but fatty and filling; in a way reminding me of Jiro-kei ramen.


Would I Go Again?
The abura soba was decent; probably better after a night of drinking. Still, they also offered curry ramen which I'd like to try some time.


Should You Go?
It's not the best in Amemura, but the thick noodles will help absorb any alcohol in your stomach.


麺屋 ガテン

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