Friday, June 7, 2013


Sometimes I take a long walk somewhere, or take a trip somewhere, and go out of my way to find an excellent and well-known ramen shop. Sometimes I drink in Namba and get late night ramen on my way home. My visit to Kuramitsu was the latter. In fact, Kuramitsu, like a number of shops in Minami, is only open at night. Their recommendation was the shio, which is what I went with.


こうてい麺 くらみつ
2 Chome-8-33 Nishishinsaibashi

The Bowl
After a night of drinking, a heavy bowl of ramen is hard for me to handle. A bowl of shio, on the other hand, is light and goes down easy. There's not much to say about Kuramitsu's bowl; it was very light, and had fairly standard chashu and noodles. Nothing to write home about, but a solid snack to finish the night.


Would I Go Again?
Probably not, but maybe if I'm drunk and hungry in Amemura again.


Should You Go?
Late night ramen shio fans, this one's for you.


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