Saturday, June 22, 2013


I was back in Osaka, and received a visit from Ramen Adventures blogger Brian. We were wandering around Dotonbori at night, and random izakaya employee started talking to us. Brian asked him for a local ramen recommendation, and he told us about IKR51. There's a bit of a buzz online for this shop's shrip shio ramen, so I had been meaning to go for a while, and this was the perfect chance. Read Brian's review here.

大阪に帰って、Ramen Adventuresの作者ブライアンが遊びに来ました。うろうろで道頓堀を散歩して、居酒屋の店員に声をかけられました。ブライアンがラーメンのおすすめを聞いて、IKR51がおいしいと言われました。インターネットにIKR51の評価がよくて、私はいつか行きたかったです。ソウイウ機会があったので、ブライアンと一緒に行くことになりました。ブライアンのコメントをこちらへ

3 Chome-11-27 Minamisenba

The Bowl
Wow, a light, shio, but super shrimpy bowl. There was a bit of yuzu flavor to top it off that made the soup taste different, but still let it keep its shrimpy flavor. The noodles were yellow and bouncy, good to absorb the flavor of such a light broth. The chashu and egg were pretty good too, making complete this interesting bowl.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, I'd like to try one of their other bowls.


Should You Go?
Yeah, good location and good ramen!


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