Sunday, May 5, 2013


After a day and two ramen shops in Onomichi, it was on to Kagawa. We ate barbecue when we first arrived, and waited on line for an hour for udon the next morning, but that didn't stop us from finding ramen too. I visited Tokushima two years before, and the thought of delicious Tokushima ramen has stuck with me since. There was a branch of famous Tokushima ramen chain Menoh (now available in San Francisco!) near Takamatsu Station, so we took a break from the Kagawa delicacies and went on in.


1 Chome-1 Kotobukichō

The Bowl
Tokushima ramen is tonkotsu shoyu; a bit porky, but with a soy sauce taste, and sweet. Iekei, the similar style from Yokohama doesn't have the sweetness and full of oil, making it much more overwhelming of a meal. In addition, it's standard to crack a raw egg into the bowl and let it mix with the soup. The noodles were thin and soft, and the pork was thinner slices like the kind you'd find it a lot of Korean food, and sweet too. After an interesting bowl like this, I remember why I like Tokushima ramen so much.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, if I'm near another branch.


Should You Go?
Yes, especially those of you living in San Francisco.


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