Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tairyo Makoto

One brother leaves and the other visits. And of course a visit to Japan leads to a visit to Tokyo. We met up with one of my ramen buddies in Tokyo and hit up some weird places. To kick off the trip, we went for a wacky all-seafood shop. Kosher readers pay attention; there's a chance one of Tairyo Makoto's bowls doesn't contain pork or shellfish!

The bowl we had heard about before was the uni, or sea urchin, tsukemen. Uni can normally be found in expensive and strong-tasting sushi. I love sushi, but uni can be a bit much for even me. So what could go wrong with a whole bowl of thick uni tsukemen?

Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Dōgenzaka, 1丁目11−2

The Bowl
Wow talk about flavor. This might have been the thickest soup I've had since Muteppo. Buttery, super-thick uni, like that piece of sushi condensed into a molasses meant for noodles. The fat noodles barely even sank into the soup; I had to push them in with my chopsticks. The wari-soup made the soup a bit more digestible. It started to taste more like a bowl of seafood miso soup. But still with a large uni kick.

Would I Go Again?
It is really tempting. But if I did I would try a different dish.

Should You Go?
If you like seafood, yes. If you don't, why are you in Japan?

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