Saturday, December 15, 2012


I had been traveling a lot recently, but the real journey was just about to begin. My younger brother visited me from New York, and since he came all the way from Japan, I needed to show him around more than than just Osaka. I made a trip to Tokyo already in December, but one more couldn't hurt, right?

There's not a lot of miso ramen in Osaka, which is a shame, but a trip to Tokyo gave me as good an excuse as any to force some on my brother. We hit up a place I liked a lot in Shibuya, hoping that a second tasting would be as good as the first.

Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Dōgenzaka, 2丁目10−3

The Bowl
Delicious miso. The hot soup was a little thin, but was still plenty rich. It tasted a little gingery, which is something I don't get in most bowls. The noodles were thick, curly, and firm. The toppings: sprouts, onions, menma, chashu, and my extra-ordered egg were all solid but nothing special.

Would I Go Again?
It's a pretty classic but very good miso soup, so probably.

Should You Go?
Shibuya is lacking in ramen shops and Shinbusakiya is great, so yes.

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