Sunday, September 25, 2011

Isshin Furan

It was my final day in Fukuoka, so I started to feel a bit sad about having to go back to work the next day.  That was temporarily relieved when my friend from Fukuoka, having discovered that I love ramen the day before, decided to bring us to her favorite ramen restaurant.

There were four different colors you could choose from: the standard black, a more mild white, a miso red, and a shio yellow.  Although I was tempted by the red, for my first time here I had to go with the black.  They also let you choose the hardness of the noodles and how rich (read: oily) the broth is; normal, rich, or super-rich.  I went with hard noodles and rich broth.

Fukuoka-ken Fukuoka-shi Chūō-ku Daimyō 2丁目6−5

The Bowl
The broth was thin and oily, but full of a rich porky flavor.  It was the classic Hakata style I had been looking for; not as stinky as Taiho, but thicker than Hana.  It reminded me a lot of Ippudo, but just a bit more balanced.  I ordered an extra set of noodles midway through the meal, and while normally that would really slow me down, I found myself wanting more even after downing all the soup.  The noodles that came with the bowl were thin and straight, but the extra ones were curly.  They didn't taste all that different, but it was nice to have both.  The chashu was juicy and tender, and the kikurage were chewy and crunchy.

Would I Go Again?
This was quite possibly the best tonkotsu bowl I've ever had.  Next time I'm in Fukuoka I'll be sure to stop by.

Should You Go?
If you like Ippudo and that style of ramen, you should go here.  If you don' should still go.

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