Saturday, March 7, 2020

Tachigui Nagahama Ramen Ranman

There's this weird little hole in the wall in Honmachi; they advertise themselves as a standing ramen joint, but they're almost more of a mini-izakaya. At any rate, I was curious about their tonkotsu ramen so I swung by.

本町の穴場的な「立喰 長浜ラーメン 爛漫」という店があって、一応ラーメン屋さんなんですけど、プチ居酒屋のほうがあっている気がします。とにかく、行って豚骨の「天真ラーメン」を食べてみました。

The Bowl
It's kind of what'd you'd expect out of a rando cheap standing-ramen shop: it was greasy, light tonkotsu ramen. It wasn't the greatest ramen, but that's more or less what I expected.


Would I Go Again?
Maybe, to drink.


Should You Go?
Maybe, if you're looking for a drink and a cheap bowl.


立喰 長浜ラーメン 爛漫

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