Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Miso Senmon Menya Taiga

I visited my friend in Toyama prefecture, and on the way we stopped in Kanazawa. We stopped in Shirakawa-go, a beautiful old village in Toyama.


And of course we got ramen in Kanazawa. We went to Taiga, a highly rated miso shop.


The Bowl
It was a hot and cloudy miso ramen. There was plenty of ginger mixed in, which gave it a unique aroma. The noodles were short but thick, curly bands - rubbery firm in a good way. The chashu and full egg were both good toppings, rounding out this solid bowl.


Would I Go Again?
I think the next time I'm in Kanazawa I'll try somewhere new.


Should You Go?
This is a good stop for any miso-loving tourist.


味噌専門 麺屋大河

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