Monday, March 26, 2018

Menya Joroku

I've visited the famous Joroku before when it was known as Marujo. Unfortunately, even though I'd been there a couple times, I had never actually uploaded my experience to the blog. Any excuse to return to Joroku is a good one! I got the standard chuka soba, which is done in the Takaida-kei style.


The Bowl
A take on the standard Takaida-kei super salty shoyu, Joroku presents a bowl just as dark and flavorful, but peppery and much more drinkable. The noodles, too, are thinner, but still plenty wheaty, able to handle the relatively less sodium in the bowl. This is still the kind of bowl I like to see: a modern, excellent execution of a standard style.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?


麺屋 丈六

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