Sunday, February 25, 2018


Tokyo! I am happy living in Osaka, but I still miss the capital city. On my trip this time I made sure to hit a couple of shops, starting with conveniently located chuka soba shop Kiraku. In an old diner-looking restaurant I ordered the wonton noodles.


The Bowl
This was a simple shoyu; clear brown, and light, if covered with a scalding layer of thin oil. There were plenty of veggies mixed in: bean sprouts, cabbage, and I think I tasted a hint of fried garlic. The noodles were thick, short ropes, and despite the broth being pretty thin, they matched the saltiness quite nicely. The chashu were tough slices of Chinese-style pork, and the wonton was a sweet interlude.


Would I Go Again?
This was a good bowl, but I still have so many bowls to try in Shibuya, let alone all of Tokyo.


Should You Go?
Anyone wanting an old-school bowl that won't leave you in pain, check it out.



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