Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle - Day 5

More and more bowls at the Tenkatoitsu Ramen Battle. first up was a rich chicken shoyu with barbecue pork from Junk Story.

また天下統一ラーメンバトル!まずはJunk Storyの濃厚醤油炙りチャーシュー鶏そばでした。

The Bowl
As opposed to Junk Story's usual clear-as-day shio, this was a heavy chicken gravy. The medium-sized noodles glopped on to each other using the molasses-like soup as glue. As advertised in the dish name, the charred slices of pork managed to cut through the broth's weight.

Junk Storyの普通の透き通った塩と違って、どろどろとしたグレービーソース的な鶏スープでした。黄色い麺ははスープのノリでいっぱい絡んできました。メニュー名通り炙りチャーシューの味がうまくて、スープの味を超えられました。

Next up was a simpler bowl: Taiwan maze soba from Kokoro.


The Bowl
This was maybe the spiciest bowl I had at the battle so far. It wasn't super hot, but had a nice kick. The noodles stuck to the bits of onions and seaweed, thanks to the sticky sheen applied from the raw egg. This wasn't my favorite bowl of Taiwan maze soba, but a good one for the festival.



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