Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sosaku Ramen Style Hayashi

One of my favorite shops Mitsukabozu has grown big enough to warrant one of its members leaving and forming their own shop. Tonight's shop was just that, Sosaku Ramen Style Hayashi. Like Mitsukabozu, they specialize in miso ramen, and though there were a variety of options, I went with the Hokkaido style miso ramen.

大好きなみつか坊主で終業した人が最近独立して新しい店をオープンしました。今回「創作らーめん style林」という味噌専門店に行きました。色々なメニューがありましたけど、北海道風味噌らーめんにしました。

The Bowl
This was a strong, dark miso that got richer with every step towards the bottom of the bowl. Medium-thick, wavy noodles filled the bowl, and on top was a myriad of toppings. There were onions, carrot slices, cabbage, floating chunks of miso niku, and most interesting of all, a wacky spring roll-like dumping made of tofu, and filled with rice noodles and leaves. Come for the broth and stay for the toppings.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?


創作らーめん style林

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