Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ramen Derby 2015

I'm always happy when Kansai has more ramen events. The Ramen Derby at the racetrack in Kyoto started in 2014, and of course I decided to stop by again in 2015.


Quite a selection

My first stop was at Junk Story's booth, where they offered a strong miso.

1軒目はJunk Storyのがち味噌でした。

The Bowl
This was a rich miso that was surprisingly very fishy. It tasted strongly of dried bonito. The noodles were medium and flat, mixed with a large dose of bean sprouts. The chashu slices were slightly tough with a nice chew, and there was a surprise hard-boiled quail egg just to keep things a little weird. Pretty good - as I'd expect from Junk Story.

こってり系の味噌で以外と魚介味が強かったです。鰹の味だったかな。麺は平打ちでもやちといっぱい絡んでいました。チャーシューはちょっと固めで、噛み応えが良かったです。最後の変なポイントはうずらでした。Junk Storyらしく美味しかったラーメンです。

Next up was a collaboration between Jinrui Mina Menrui and Sanku, two highly regarded shops, in the form of a mysterious fishy shoyu bowl.


The Bowl
This bowl was a slightly sweet, peppery shoyu. It tasted strongly of clams, and was complemented by Sanku's thick, grainy noodles. The chashu was juicy but logistically difficult to pick up; it was a weighty anchor in the sea of the soup. The fish and onions matched the sweetness of the bowl more appropriately.



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