Monday, February 6, 2017

Namae no Nai Ramenya

I had some plans in Kyoto, which meant another opportunity to try ramen in the prefecture I don't visit as often as I should. Once again by time I was limited to the greater Shijo-Sanjo area, but I found a recently opened shop that was pretty interesting.

"Namae no Nai Ramenya" means "the ramen shop with no name". Either the shop has no name, or that is the shop's name. At any rate, it was hard to find on a map, being in the basement of a random building and having no discernible sign outside.



Inside was a nice garden, and a vending machine that looked just like the one in Sugari, not too far from this shop. It turns out that the two shops are related, and like Sugari, this one offered motsu ramen, tsukemen, and curry tsukemen. I was feeling ramen, so I went with that.


A variety of spices available to mix in.

The Bowl
This was a chicken paitan that was very rich without being too thick and goopy. It was well spiced, with a bit of pepper, and mellowed out by the seafood soup. The noodles were brown and square. They looked and even tasted a bit like soba.

Unusually, there was a tomato in the ramen, a sweet interlude during the otherwise salty meal. There was a single meatball that was also quite interesting. It had a grainy texture, but it tasted more like juicy, fried chicken.



Would I Go Again?
I would; there are a few more shops in the same family that I might try.


Should You Go?




  1. Your blog is a welcome respite from my work. Thanks. Have you tried I tried to get there with my brother but it was closed. They have odd hours.

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      I haven't been to that shop, but it looks good. I'm always interested in vegetarian ramen. It's far but I'll try to make it some time!