Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Menya Sho no Gotsubo

Continuing my trip to Tokyo, on one night I ended up meeting a friend by Shinjuku Gyoenmae. It was after I got back from Yokohama, and I needed some dinner. In Osaka I now have the problem of occasionally running out of new ramen shops at certain stations, but not in Tokyo. Some checks of my favorite ramen blogs and I found Menya Sho no Gotsubo. Gotsubo makes "veggie tsukemen", which means tsukemen that features vegetables - vegetarians beware: there is meat in the broth. In particular, the choices are shrimp tomato or chicken ginger, the latter of which I chose.

東京の旅行を引き続いて、新宿御苑前で友達と会いました。横浜から来て、お腹が空いていました。大阪によく行く駅の周りに行ったことがないラーメン屋さんがない場合がありますけど、東京はそうでもないです。いろいろなブログをチェックして、「麺や 庄の gotsubo」が見つかりました。gotsuboの名物はベジつけ麺。ベジタリアンに残念ですけど、結局スープに肉と魚が入っていす。海老とまとと鶏生姜のがあって、後者にしました。

The Bowl
The plate was laden with a colorful garden, all meant to be sampled with the chicken ginger dip. The broth itself was a thick and creamy potage. It overpowered the vegetables at first, but as the flavors of the vegetables were mixed in, it balanced to a nice, mild medium. I particularly enjoyed the light and crispy pieces: potato and lotus root chips, and watery but crunchy radish. A bit in the direction of more normal toppings were a juicy bit of pork, and an egg that tasted slightly of ume. A wild experiment combining a heavy tsukemen with a panoply of vegetables, and a successful one at that.


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麺や 庄の gotsubo

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  1. I found the way they presented the food on the dish quite--interesting. It certainly doesn't look like how most ramen-ya present a tsukemen dish.