Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Continuing with my trip to Tokyo, I decided to meet a friend for some ramen in Tokyo Station. I've been to most of the shops that were there when I lived in Tokyo, but by now some shops have moved out and new ones have moved in. Ikaruga has been there the whole time, and that's where I decided to go this time.

Back when I lived in Tokyo I visited the flagship shop of Ikaruga in Ichigaya. That shop has some of the bet tonkotsu ramen I've ever had; frothy, round tonkotsu but still with robust, rich pork. The shop in Tokyo Ramen Street specializes in gyokai tonkotsu, so I was in for something a little different.



The Bowl
This was a different beast from the tonkotsu ramen I had at the main shop once upon a time, but the Ikaruga touch was there. The broth was creamy smooth, a rich gyokai tonkotsu that was just a tad oily and reminiscent of favorite shop Mitsuboshi Seimenjo. The noodles were medium, a nice fit for the thickness of the soup, and too went down smooth. The bowl was adorned with a creamy egg, long, fibrous menma, and two large, round slices of sweet chashu.


Would I Go Again?
This was very good, but I can't help myself from checking out a different shop in Tokyo Station next time.


Should You Go?
If you're doing Tokyo Ramen Street, this should definitely be a candidate for which shop to go to.


東京駅 斑鳩

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