Sunday, April 3, 2016


Back in May, I had the opportunity to go to Akita. I try to travel when I have the chance, but Akita is maybe the most far out place I've been yet. I joined a couple friends there to see the Yakult Swallows play. It did not go well.

But while I didn't see good baseball, I did eat good food. I tried a variety of Akita dishes, but my friends and I made sure to save room for a ramen shop. On our way to the stadium we stopped at Ramen Nishiki.



The Bowl
A smooth, milky shoyu bowl of ramen, made only from chicken. The white noodles were made from flour from Hokkaido, and were a bit soft with just a touch of bouncy resistance. My bowl came with a large, tender piece of chashu whose flavors melted on my tongue as soon as I dared to take it on. Just to put up a fight with the chashu, the egg too was an oozing, sweet delight - one of the best I've had.


Would I Go Again?
I'd like to if I'm in town for a bit.


Should You Go?
If you're in Akita you should check it out.



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