Sunday, June 28, 2015

Shisen Ramen

One chain you'll find all over Osaka is Shisen Ramen. This Sichuan-style ramen joint specializes in tantanmen. I hadn't paid it much mind, except that in the past few months I've heard quite a few foreigners swear it was the best ramen in Osaka. I was hesitant to believe such a claim, but it was also an excuse for me to try a new shop. I went to the recommended Shinsaibashi branch and got the Shisen Yatai Tantanmen.


The Bowl
The tantanmen's soup was a hot orange goo; a mixture of broth and smoky rayu oil. It had a bit of kick, but it was more oily than spicy. The noodles were passable, but a bit short. The miso ground pork was a bit more interesting, allowing its flavor to seep into the noodles and broth around it. Overall this was a solid bowl, but I'm not convinced its the best ramen in Osaka. Also they gave me a lychee to eat after the ramen.


Would I Go Again?
Maybe, if I was with someone else who wanted to.


Should You Go?
Shisen is a fine place, but there are better tantanmen shops in Osaka.




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