Thursday, March 19, 2015


In one of my yearly trips to Tokyo, my friends and I decided to walk the Ginza line. No long stroll around Tokyo would be complete without a stop at a good ramen shop on the line, so this time we went to my friend's recommended: . That is, the shop has no name. Clever, I guess? People call it "mumei", which means "nameless" in Japanese. My friend recommended the shoyu ramen, so that's what I went for.


The Bowl
Mumei's shoyu was like one I had never seen. It was a shoyu potage, a rich bowl that tasted more like a potato and vegetable stew than ramen. The giant flat noodles and quarter-bowl fat-laden slice of chashu were perfect choices for the hearty meal. Waiting to mix into the stew was a dollop of miso, that brought salty seafood flavors with it into the rest of the broth. My only complaint about this bowl was that I had to keep walking after I finished it.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?


『 』(無銘)

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