Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ryukishin RIZE

It was a weekday night and I was walking home form work. I wanted to stop to get something to eat, so I decided to try recently opened miso shop Men no Kuni. However, it happened to be Men no Kuni's set day off, so I couldn't go in. Looking for a backup, I turned to Namba Parks's branch of Ryukishin. I had been there once before I started writing this blog, but the restaurant has since been renovated and given the RIZE subtitle so I was curious to see what was different.

They had a variety of clear and thick shio bowls, and I went with the spicy meat and chicken taitan shio soba. That's a mouth full.



The Bowl
Shio is not normally a style you associate with a thick and meaty broth, but RIZE's bowl was just that. The rich umami of the soup was more like a sauce for the medium, square noodles. It was like a cream sauce pasta, and traces of my bowl at Bokkoshi flashed by. There were bits of friend onions and long strips of menma to go along with the two slices of chashu, that weren't so exciting, but were made delicious by being covered in the saucy soup.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, I've been a fan of Ryukishin in the past, and this may even be the best branch.


Should You Go?
Yeah, check it out.



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