Friday, January 31, 2014


In August, two new shops opened in Umeda. Both in the Osaka Ekimae buildings, and both created by chefs who worked previously at Osaka staple Tamagoro. Offshoots of Tamagoro are not uncommon, and they almost always have some sort of fish-based broth. Rokubei, and its counterpart Uonosuke, are no exception. I decided to check out Rokubei's ramen this time, saving Uonosuke for later.


The Bowl
The soup was based on bonito, and it did not let up on its fishiness. It was thin, but packed a punch. Even more than than the flavor, though, was the saltiness. The thin noodles were easy to slurp, and the power of the broth made them taste very fishy too. But still, partway through I couldn't take the level of salt and had to quit on finishing the soup.


Would I Go Again?
This broth was way too salty, I couldn't stomach it. Also, the shop has since closed.


Should You Go?


魚らーめん 六兵衛

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