Saturday, May 3, 2014


Two and a half years. Somehow it's taken me this long to visit Osaka's famous Japan-wide chain Kamukura. Kamukura is a classic shime-ramen, the kind of ramen you've had dinner, several beers, but for some reason you're a bit hungry on your way home at 3AM. I personally have a tough time downing a bowl after lots of food and drink, but one of my New Year's resolutions was to stop in some of the must-visit shops I hadn't yet, so planning for the night I ate a light dinner, had some craft beer, and stumbled to Dotonbori to try the "Oishii Ramen".


The Bowl
Kamukura's ramen is shoyu ramen, but it doesn't taste like what you'd normally think of as shoyu ramen. In Japan during the winter, people often gather and eat hot pot. They use a base, often soy sauce, and put vegetables, meat, and boiling water in. Towards the end, noodles are added to soak up the last of the oily broth. That is what Kamukura tastes like. Not high class ramen by any means, but it has a certain refreshing and recognizable flavor. Just like a lot of hot pot, the chashu was mediocre, and the whole thing was filled with cabbage.


Would I Go Again?
Not on my own; maybe with a drunk friend.


Should You Go?
I wouldn't recommend this to people who are looking for the best, but I would say you should go if you want something very Osaka.



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