Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mengumi Antaga Taisho

I was hungry on a rainy day and wanted to see if there were any recent new shops. I discovered Mengumi Antaga Taisho, a chicken ramen shop in Taisho. I saw the entry for Antaga and thought it was opening day, but when I got there I was surprised to learn that it was actually the first anniversary. How did I go a full year without realizing there was a shop like this in Taisho? Antaga was created by a cook who left heralded chicken shops Menya Taku and Men Life Taku. He wanted to start a ramen shop in Taisho, where he was born and raised, and that gave us Antaga.


The Bowl
Just like Men Life Taku, Antaga offered a rich and refreshing chicken broth. It was just a little thick, salty, with a slight sweet edge. The noodles were thin and short; they weren't chewy but tasted a lot like soba. A solid chicken bowl all around, but I hesitate to say it's as good as the shops that bred it.


Would I Go Again?
Maybe; but it's tough when I have Men Life Taku so close.


Should You Go?
It's one of the best places in Taisho; good if you're near the Kyocera Dome.


麺組 Antaga “大正”

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