Saturday, May 25, 2013


I was in the mood for a long walk, so I chose a direction I had never walked in before: west. Thanks to Osaka Bay the farthest I could go west is to Osakako, where famed smallest mountain in Japan Tenpozan lies. I knew a long walk would make me hungry, so I looked up the one-and-only ramen shop in the Supleks ramen database: Tancho. A long walk, and some shio ramen.


I made it! The top of Japan's shortest mountain.


3 Chome-8-7 Chikkō

The Bowl
I haven't had a bowl this light in a long time. It was a clear and refreshing shio; no strong flavors but a light salt-and-pepperiness in the seasoning sprinkled all over the bowl. The noodles too were thin and weak. They weren't bad, but would have gone better with a soup that packed some more punch to make up for the noodles lack of flavor. There was one thin slice of juicy chashu, and some sprouts and onions to go with the peppery soup.


Would I Go Again?
Nah. It's far and it was OK, but not amazing.


Should You Go?
If you're hungry for ramen by the aquarium, then check it out. Otherwise, pass.


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