Saturday, May 11, 2013


Teradacho is a small station in Osaka near Tennoji. There's not a lot there, but for some reason there are a few heavy ramen places. Before starting this blog I went to Jiro-style ramen Wasshoi, and recently another gut-crushing shop opened. I was shopping in Tennoji, so I decided to swing by the area to stop in the unusual rich shio paitan shop Shuji.


閉店熟鶏らーめん しゅうじ
2 Chome-1-29 Ikunonishi

The Bowl
Wow, what a molasses-thick broth. It was less of a soup and more of a gravy. Never before had I had a bowl of ramen that tasted like chicken-fried steak, but there it was. The noodles were short and flat, and though they and the chashu were tasty, it was hard to put them in my mouth without still tasting the soup. The egg, on the other hand, stayed fresh and creamy, and gave my tongue a much needed break from the overbearing if delicious bowl. I hadn't had a bowl so powerful since Muteppo.


Would I Go Again?
I might, but it's closed as of writing.


Should You Go?
You can't, sadly.


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  1. Shuji is long gone now, and boy am I glad. It was about as bland as it gets. You should try what's there now - "Ah-men". It's an udon shop, but it's famous for its fried chicken tenpura. The original shop is called TKU and is in Tamatsukuri, near the JR station. A couple of new ramen shops have opened near Teradacho, and it's starting to become known (thanks mostly to Wasshoi) as a great noodle street in general. Humble beginnings. I wonder if you'd like the place across from Ninniku Power, near Shitennoji. It's a hefty bowl, and the chashuu is massive. Tiny little place to start off with, but I thought it was good.

    Have you tried Tenyou garlic ramen in Taisho, btw? Best tonkotsu I've yet tried in this city (my husband and I are ramen fiends, and have been out to find perfection. Mine is Tenyou, but he's still not satisfied, so the quest continues!), but clearly ramen tastes are to each his own, so it might not be your thing. The shop is very nice and comfortable, and they play JAZZ. I love it. Beautiful view on a chilly winter's day, too.